1)Why do I get a message from Paypal that requires me to authorize Luxe for Lease to automatically charge future payments to my Paypal account?

Do not panic! This is a system in place to facilitate easy convenience of extension of leases. Your payment will automatically cease and there will be no further surcharge once the bag is returned in good condition.

2) What happens if I damage/lose the bag?

Call us immediately to report the extent of damage and loss. You can take photos and whatsapp us at 85113562 so that we can advise you accordingly. The amount payable is dependent on a few factors like the extent of damage and whether or not it is reparable. If the item is beyond repair, you will be responsible for the full retail price.

3)Why do your leases end at 3 months?

The whole ethos for Luxe for Lease is to offer women choices for less money and most would change at least 4 bags a year, depending on occasion and purpose. However, if you find yourself and that bag you’re leasing inseparable, do drop us an email at enquiries@luxeforlease.com and we might make an exception.

If there are any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at enquiries@luxeforlease.com.