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Luxe for lease banishes bag envy by providing a bag rental service so that you can enjoy Chanel bags without the hefty price tag.

We want you to free up your income and physical living spaces for the other finer things in life while still being able to enjoy Chanel without being tied down to hefty upfront payments or IPP instalments which consume a huge chunk of credit limit.

We understand that different occasions, seasons and taste changes calls for different bags and bag rental allows you to switch out your bags hassle-free without having to go through re-sellers.

From enduring classics to coveted seasonal pieces, we endeavour to give you a wide range of Chanel to fit every occasion and budget.

You can choose to rent weekly for that special occasion or monthly for more heavy users and also get to enjoy more savings!

Luxury is now accessible without the price tag and discreet door to door service.

Go forth now and enjoy!



Luxe for Lease Loyalty Programme

Save as you spend

Be a member of Luxe for Lease to enjoy Special Privileges!

Any transaction makes you an instant member.

Member Privileges:

Every $600 spent within 3 months gives you 10% off your next transaction*.
* Terms and Conditions apply.

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  • Nel Rodger
    Nel Rodger CEO
  • Sara Surface
    Sara Surface DESIGNER
  • Emily Faith
    Emily Faith DESIGNER


Get at least 4 Chanel bags a year
without breaking the bank.

Can’t Make Up Your Mind?

Switch out your bag weekly / monthly

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