Why Bag Rental

Ever felt the stinging sense of guilt or regret when you have spent a huge portion of your paycheck or bonus on a bag?

If you’ve been scrimping and saving or worse, emptying your savings just for a Chanel, you need to read on.

In this climate of ever-escalating Chanel prices, Chanelistas who would want a different bag for all purposes from work, weekends and special occasions would have to be pretty rich. For the most of us, this would be out of reach.

Until Luxe for Lease.

Luxe for Lease allows you to now bring home a Chanel bag and change them weekly or monthly at wallet-friendly prices.

Benefits of Renting

  • Rental allows more options as you can carry different bags for every different occasion.
  • Rental frees up finances so you don’t burn your bonus (if any) and allows you on other finer things in life like travel and relationships. Lost your job or need the money for anything else? Cancel the lease fuss-free, anytime.
  • Rental frees up physical space. Want a different bag? It’s a few clicks away.
  • Rental frees up the hassle of maintenance. You don’t open your closet one day to be greeted by a cloud of mould.
  • Rental also frees up the hassle of re-selling ! No more low-ballers, no-shows and endless negotiations for a paltry discount.

And… best of all, no more bag envy!


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